The Libyan Puzzle

There  never was a clear mission statement handed over to Western Coalition  Members for Libya.The mission was doomed before it ever started. .The Arab League believes the Western Members have overstepped the bounds that were described in the UN Resolution to establish a “No Fly Zone” and take all necessary measures to protect civilians from the forces of Qadaffi.

What is clear is that the engagement plan of the Western Coalition Members,led by the U.S., needed to extend beyond the described limits of the UN Resolution in order to eliminate Qadaffi, which is the only outcome that will bring success to the Mission. As long as his regime continues, the threat of on-going harm to civilians exists. For this reason the Western Coalition Members must ensure that the Qadaffi regime is eliminated regardless of pushback from the Arab League and the UN, neither of which, along with the Western Coalition Members, ever clarified the extent of the mission, its objectives or the exact terms of engagement. To stop short of regime change would spell failure for the entire mission.
With all the initial disagreements within the Obama administration’s senior members over this mission, this U.S. mission should never have gone forward. The Commander-in Chief should have known this was a mistake and never joined the Coalition of attacking members. President Obama took his eye off the ball, and mistakenly went ahead without a well defined mission plan and objectives which were in harmony with the intent of the ill defined and poorly thought out UN Resolution. The U.S. should now stand back and evaluate the future of its involvement in the mission. If it cannot expressly take the steps required to eliminate Qadaffi, it should limit it’s involvement to delivering humanitarian aid. 
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