America Middle East strategy


The revolts taking place in the Greater Middle East represent a development that has been brewing as the result of secular and theocratic dictatorships since the end of the Cold War. The citizens in the region have been repressed, and even brutalized by these regimes. These upheavals are sweeping the Greater Middle East with lightening speed and no end in sight, and have spiraled out of the West’s control. The sweeping nature of these revolts, occurring virtually simultaneously, will dramatically impact the existing political regimes in Tunisia,Yemen,Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and potentially Saudi Arabia and alter America’s relationships in the entire region. 
What must be done:
1. America, in the long run, must resolve the greatest issue bearing on its interest in this region–oil.
2. America must show restraint from interfering with these revolutions. Nevertheless, when brutal regimes slaughter their citizens to retain control(Libya), the U.S should join the international community to stop the genocide.
3. America must establish grass roots relationships with the leaders of these revolts, and understand where the new regimes are headed. 
4.  America should furnish diplomatic assistance to the new regimes to help them build new institutional infrastructures that are realistic, self sustaining, and allow for working relationships with the U.S. 
5. America must establish a new vision for the Greater Middle East which conforms to the new political realities that are now evolving.


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