Caution in Middle East revolts


No matter which side wins in Libya the outcome will be ugly. In this case change most likely will result in more instability, corruption and thugs, only of a different cloth than the murdering and decadent regime of Qadaffi. There have been reports that the opposition,the side that NATO is helping, is using al Qaeda and insurgents who have in the past targeted U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
And what else should we expect to boil to the top in these Middle East revolutions? Angels of democracy? The values, culture, ethics and aims of these people are too often influenced by corruption , fanaticism. greed and power mongering. What we must realize is that the Middle East, if it were not for oil, holds as much interest for and commonality with the West as the darkest reaches of the African jungles.  
The U.S. and its Western Allies are only just beginning to find out what actually exits behind the idealistic shouts for democracy which have been frequently heard in the midst of these Middle East political eruptions.   Wisdom demands that we remain at an arm’s length distance from these Middle East upheavals. These are hostile lands and we are not welcome there. 


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