More taxes will further weaken America’s strength

Millions of Americans are looking for work. Many who have jobs fear losing them. In a number of areas of America 50- 70 %+ of the homes are worth less than their mortgage values  Having seen their down payments and equity destroyed and jobs lost,many have been forced to leave their homes.. Over 20% of Arizonans now live at the poverty line. The American people are resilient and tough. Nevertheless, I am appauled at the statements made by President Obama that the “rich” are riding on the backs of the middle class and the poor, when in fact it is our federal government which heaps burden after burden on our citizen’s backs. When considered that the top 5% of income earners pays over 30% of the taxes, and that the top 50% of income earners pays about 97% of the taxes, vast inequities fall on these earners. Clearly 50% of the middle class and  poor earners who pay no taxes at all are riding on the backs of these top earners. The President is determined to grow the government by placing even more burdens on this same group of tax paying earners . These burdens come in every shape and size, increased taxes ,executive orders, “stimulus” payments, Obama’s health care fiasco,etc. These are weakening our national fabric to the breaking point.
 Watching our nation in free fall under incompetent and inexperienced leadership is disturbing and shameful. We cannot continue on this path if we are to salvage our national vitality and strength. We are slipping rapidly, and leadership at the top is the problem. The question is can America overcome its problems and recapture its strength?  The answer depends on whether the American people come to grips with the real essence of what is wrong at the top, and replaces the leadership before it’s too late.
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