Donald Trump may prove a tough competitor if he runs


Donald Trump’s ratings are soaring. Trump’s “take no prisoners” condemnations of OPEC, China and Obama resonate well with the vast majority of Republicans. Trump even relegates the likely Republican front runner Mitt Romney to the trash bin of a “small potatoes” guy in a business world where Romney bought companies,down sized them by shedding workers then sold these companies for a profit.  While it is more than likely that Trump has little inside knowledge of Bain Capital where Romney was CEO, Trump gets away with denigrating Romney’s past accomplishments, while letting everyone know that Trump’s fortune is far greater than Romney’s. So here is someone who is not backing down to anyone, a guy who takes on Karl Rove, Romney, the Arab Lobby, OPEC and even big bad China, and tells everyone that Obama has been timid, and forgotten the power house that America truly is in the world.  And Republicans, and many independents are liking the message.


My guess is that if Trump decides to run, that he will definetely make a difference in the race. Nevertheless, if Trump loses the staying strength to remain in the race, he may do damage to the Republican candidates who remain in the race by his effective pounding on them while he is sporting a run. There should be no question that Trump is attractive to many would- be voters, even while the MSNBC crowd runs him into the ground with merciless attacks against him. But Trump doesn’t blink. Trump shows no reverence for the traditions and icons of the established political world, and many like that about him.

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