The aftermath of 9/11 at GITMO–NY Times Editorial

The NY Times’ condemnation of the Bush era handling of GITMO detention practices after 9/11 amounts to ivory tower sniping. America had just been subjected to to the most devastating attack on its own soil ever by a foreign enemy. This devastating travesty had to be met with ferrosity and decisiveness.  There is an honest lesson to war and that is that ugly and harsh decisions and actions are frequently necessary to protect the civilian population and prevent further attacks.  What says the Times to the use of flame throwers to uncave the enemy during WWII and the dropping of atomic weapons on Japan during that same war? The liberal moralistic standards which the Times expresses in its editorial on GITMO is both unrealistic and incorrect. It amounts to more Bush bashing politics aimed at undermining and destroying the legacy of swift retribution and reaction by the Bush administration in the wake of the devastation of 9/11. The Times editorial is irresponsible “Monday morning quarterbacking”. It is shameful that the Times condemns the Bush administration,while failing to outline the exact responses that nations should make to ensure their survival under such life theatening conditions as arose on 9/11.The Bush policies and practices after 9/11 were effective in protecting Americans for nearly a decade after 9/11, and are largely being implemented currently by the Obama administration after campaign promises to end GITMO.Without threse extreme measures to counteract a mad and fanatic enemy there would be no institution of free press  for the Times to exercise everyday! 
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