Revelation of Inauthenticity–New York Times editorial

The Times editorial that the demand for release of the Obama birth certificate was racially based is nonsense. The credibility of this arrogant, incompetent, and untrustworthy President rests beneath the persistent demand for this most basic information.   What was proven by this disclosure is that Donald Trump was able to pressure the President to respond. The President felt vulnerable as he should. The release of the birth certificate is only the beginning of the reactions that a vulnerable and extremely off- course presidency will make during this campaign. This president is racially motivated as he demonstrated in the Cambridge incident when without facts he stated that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” when arresting a nasty spoken and belligerent black Harvard professor who appeared to be breaking into his house. The Times again is engaging in empty accusations in defense of a liberal, arrogant and incompetent leader who is driving this nation into deeper chaos and debt.
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