Obama Middle East Policy DOA

Israel refuses to be the pawn in Obama’s Middle East policy wherein he bows down to Muslim interests, and would plunge Israel into the danger zone of extinction–a position the Israelis will never accept. Reverting to the pre- 1967 borders for Israel is a ludicrous proposal by Obama and his administration. One outcome is certain under any scenario in this region–the Muslim population in the region will continue to heap ridicule, hate and terrorism on the Jewish State and its inhabitants, and will always seek Israel’s ultimate demise. Any other paradigm imagined for that region is pure fantasy, regardless of the successive American administrations which have caved into global pressure to help resolve the region’s festering problems.What is needed most is a policy direction which asserts real leadership in this struggle, and clearly and strongly backs Israel’s right to an unfettered existence in the region . The Muslim interests in the Middle East will turn on America and Israel without hesitation no matter what America’s intentions might be. America’s best interests are served by unflinching support of Israel in this unending struggle. If the Islamic population in the region is genuinely concerned over the plight of the Palestinians, then let them begin to assimilate these people into their own nations where they ultimately belong Jordan is a leading example of what other sympathetic nations must do to rid the region of the Palestinians’ scourge of struggle,turmoil,poverty and death which will otherwise continue to linger into an indefinite future.
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