Boeing’s adventure in South Carolina

A major American corporation relocates to another state to improve operations and the Obama administraton attempts to block the deal. This is the story of Boeing Corporation who recently invested in a $750 plant in “right to work” state South Carolina to build Boeings new 787 Dreamliner aircraft . Boeing’s operations will be improved by the absence of union labor  strikes by the machinists at Boeing’s Washington State plant which have plagued the corporation’s operations. But now the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has intervened on the machinist unions behalf to stop Boeing from relocating to South Carolina  where Boeing not only created 9,000 new jobs during the construction phase of building the new plant,but will create 4,000 permanent new jobs for the aircraft’s production phase.
This decision by Boeing was a win- win “no brainer” The very thought that an American corporation is not free to relocate within the states to improve its operations, and in the process increase jobs and long term economic prosperity is unimaginable !
The NLRB who is intervening on behalf of the machinists union is charging that Boeing relocated part of its operations to South Carolina to “retaliate” against the union for legitimate strikes. So now it is not legal for a corporation to increase performance by avoiding disrupting and expensive delays due to labor disputes? Let’s get real!
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