Headed for Bottom


President Obama has finally committed the best of his stupid acts. Threatening to cut off Social Security checks–as if seniors are going to blame the GOP.  In fact the first checks to be held up should be those of Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. These dos Amigos are a duo of fools –a twin disaster ready to happen at any second! 
While relating to the federal debt crisis, let’s not forget that Obama’s senior advisor from the business sector, GE’s Jeff Immelt,recently told businesses to stop complaining about the government–this from a corporate CEO whose company earned billions in 2010, and paid zero taxes–all legal–working those corporate loopholes that his infamous socialist boss wants to eliminate. Immelt and Obama–two more dos Amigos who are fools. 
This administration reeks of nonsense and stupidity, is a crazy mess, and is coming apart in front of the entire world. At this rate America will soon hit its bottom–the most important event in any act of recovery. Pray for change!
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