America in Peril

America’s freedoms and liberties are under siege. The rampaging federal debt and expenditures, to be  underwritten by the threat of increased taxes and slashes in Medicare, the dismal state of the economy, all point to an end game in which the American people while they struggle to survive are handcuffed  by Obama’s  dash to political  and economic madness. 
Presidential leadership is now totally absent. Only the President’s political ambition exists–an arrogant and stifling sense of futility pervades his speeches and deliberations on spending and the debt. He has no reluctance to plunge this nation into the eternal depths of debt, ruining years of hard work by many millions of Americans, and saddling countless numbers of the younger generation with insane policies and national strategies.  The President’s policy rhetoric is surrounded by incompetence, fear mongering and futility–he threatens to cut off social security payments to retirees, employment and job creation are stagnant, the housing market remains in crisis, free enterprise has been besieged by intentional policy abuses and an uncertain business climate, there is the potential for a major stock market plunge based on a lurking U.S. debt payment crisis, and this president and his administration have no specific plan for an ultimate recovery, and the situation continues to worsen.
In the midst of the inept leadership and incompetence of the Obama White House, existing polls all indicate that the GOP has not been able to identify a potential candidate who can defeat Obama in 2012. While America has been in serious trouble before and managed to survive, this current crisis will require bold and courageous initiatives, and true leadership if the state of the union is to again capture the exceptionalism which has always characterized America. 
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