Leader Needed-Apply Within

The sign hanging on the White House door reads: LEADER NEEDED—APPLY WITHIN!
The dearth of leadership surrounding the White House is unimaginable as President Obama glides from one crisis to the next , glibly rambling through empty one liners and political slams while aiming his oversized ego driven style to another term as President.  All the while President Obama must be thinking to himself ‘”what chance has America really got of catapulting itself to its historic pinnacle of strength and prosperity”.  In the great demographic game of vote getting, the Democrats have very cleverly, and with great passion, moved into the position of power and gained the largest following in political America.
Why would the majority of American voters turn to the values of individual accountability, work ethic and wealth creation, when great masses of Americans today are living off the fat of  federal government hand outs. After all, about 49% of American households pay no federal income taxes and many of those also receive some kind of welfare check . Clearly the Party of “tax,spend and redistribution” will retain most of these Americans as faithful voters.
The President’s class warfare code words for tax everything that moves are” Let’s tax those super rich luxury yacht owners and  plane chatering billionaires”.  Once those words catch on, the next thing that will happen is that every family earning more than $250,000 a year will see their taxes increase. This lethal game of “kill American prosperity” is dragging down the standard of living of most hard working Americans. The frightening thing is that the Democrats’ game seems to work. Where has the majority of great Americans gone? 
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