Defense cuts will threaten America’s national security

With recent official reports on the build up of nuclear weapons by China, and sharp increases in naval assets and offensive weapons that are taking place in that nation, the question is whether America will be able to keep pace with the mounting threat of China, and the latter’s domination of the sea ways where U.S.naval preeminence has historically existed. America may no longer enjoy the significant edge in its military capabilities against China, and this is troubling.With this nation still immersed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with NATO operations continuing in Libya ,and the enormous debt faced by this nation, with the potential of additional defense cuts looming in the near future, America’s military edge may be on the wane. Not only is China rearing its head to threaten U.S., military supremacy but the threat of war with Islamic Jihad continues.  Regardless of the mountain of debt we face,  our military strength must not be compromised in the pursuit of this nation’s fiscal sanity, because if our military strength ebbs to a level where we are vulnerable to bullying and potential threats, then to what end is the victory over national debt?
The answer rests in quick exits from our existing wars, and mobilizing again back home where being able to focus on a new global military strategy becomes possible, and these new threats may then be adequately assessed and addressed. America must now be capable of fighting two types of vastly different wars–the asymmetrical war against Islamic jihad and the conventional war against China and possibly Iran.
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