The answer is creation and growth of income in America

The President and his liberal administration, and the Democrats in general, are beholden to class warfare as the path to resolving America’s debt and spending crisis and the present middle class malaise. They perceive the increased taxation of the wealthy as their passport to the eradication of poverty by wealth transfer and a larger government. They think all income inequality is due to the evils of the wealthy. They attribute no blame for this inequality to their inept and ineffective economic policies. We are becoming a nation of free loaders in which liberals and Democrats attempt to extract more in handouts from an already overtaxed segment of society. A fraction of the wealthiest earners now pay most of the income taxes collected, and nearly 50% of wage earners pay no income taxes at all. In essence, the liberals are trying to legalize the looting of the wealthy by increasing their taxes  and transferring the booty to the government where waste and greed are rampant.  The real solution to the existing debt crisis, and the solution to middle class “poverty”  is the general expansion of the overall income level in America. Increasing the size of an expanding income pie, accompanied by the resulting augmentation of the tax base and tax revenues, even at reduced rates, is a concept that the liberals do not grasp.They perceive the world as constant or shrinking universe of opportunity, and where the punitive extraction and transfer of the fruits of success to the government is the fare to be paid for achieving the American Dream. Income creation and income growth are the only moral tickets to a better future for America. Transfer of wealth by a looting pack of liberals is not. 
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