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“If only”–what a wonderful world it would be–Post in Las Vegas Sun

If the world was filled with only beneficient people with no pathloghical intentions to slaughter and rule by force it would be such a nice world. No Irans. No North Koreas. No Islamic fanatics bent on mass murders. No Hitlers. … Continue reading

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Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists

  Just as the development and threatened use of a nuclear weapon by Iran against Israel to  “wipe Israel from the map” is a blunt warning of impending terrorist acts against Israel, the assassination of Iranian scientists engaged in Iran’s … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and the virtues of free enterprise

Most of us who adhere to and support traditional American values assume that it is  perfectly acceptable and legitimate to conduct a business like Bain Capital which is designed to reconfigure and repackage businesses it has acquired and turn them into  maximum gains for investors and other … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney built wealth at Bain Capital

The current attempt to frame Mitt Romney as a greedy job destroyer at Bain Capital is  nothing less than unvarnished ignorance. These firms are designed to zero in on selecting companies who are perceived to be capable of increased profitability and value by … Continue reading

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