National change in direction–vision and reality must merge

As a nation we are fully aware that there is a deep seated problem in national leadership. The sooner that as a collective body that we deal with it the sooner there is a chance for rehabilitation on all fronts. Under the current Executive Branch we have been inundated by behaviors and policies which have been unsuccessful, and in fact contrary to sensible principles of sound governing.There are too many instances where the core issues have been ignored in favor of tackling ideological battles that are not in line with national needs. Whether it be the staggering debt and budget issues, energy policy,unemployment or structural income tax policies( half of all wage earners pay no income taxes), the nation is in serious shape, and is headed in the wrong direction.This is an appeal for common sense. An appeal to begin to turn this ship of state around and head in a new direction. One that will be effective in restoring this nation to the exceptional potential that exists in its future. One that adheres to it’s historic heritage of individual accountability, freedom and liberty, free spirited enterprise, and where self interest is seen as a decent standard in which common trust and prosperity can be built and extended to the citizenry at all levels, and where upward mobility and joint concern for a better and more prosperous future become both vision and reality.

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