The suicide bomber pictures

The act of suicide bombing is despicable. The display by the LA Times of enemy suicide bomber human remains with US troops in Afghanistan is highly objectionable. Nevertheless, it would be a major error in judgement to deflect the murderous and inhumane act of suicide bombing in such a way as to focus the primary blame on the American troops posing with the body parts of these suicide bombers.

These American troops face the horrors of death and destruction everyday. They witness their friends and comrades being viciously killed in cold blood by the enemy–the same enemy that attempted to kill more American troops by acting out as these suicide bombers.
Our troops, even those taking pictures and posing with the dead enemy personnel, deserve the support and understanding of the Obama administration, the military leadership and the American people. Unfortunately in a cowardly act to gain approval and acceptance, the Obama administration and military leadership have adopted a critical posture toward these U.S. troops.

This entire matter has become a foray in political correctness, and an antiwar message by the media, and is disgusting.

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