China and Russia undermine world stability

With looming problems with Syria, North Korea and Iran, the civilized nations of the world are being politically sold down the river by China and Russia. China and Russia consistently supply support to these hostile regimes, and the time is now ripe to determine whether Russia and China should be banished from the bodies of influence that are called on to vote on the serious issues being confronted to influence the outcomes in these rogue and inhumane dictatorship regimes. The possibility of U.S. withdrawal from these bodies,such as the United Nations Security Council,must also be an option.

Russia and China are, selectively, economic and political allies of these regimes, actually coming to their aid and support while the civilized members of the world order are mainly
together in their aims to prevent these terrorist regimes from undermining world stability.

American policy must condemn Russia and China for their support of these regimes, and must refrain from cooperation on other fronts,both economic and political, with China and Russia. President Obama’s attempts to cozy up to the leadership of Russia and China must come to an end.

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