Dealing with illegal immigration

Illegal immigration from the Southern border with Mexico should be non negotiable. Illegal immigrants still in America must be deported. Like all major problems facing this nation the actual process of expelling these illegal immigrants can go on for many years. Like all social upheavals of any magnitude, the solution to the problem will in fact take many years. There’s no hurry—just the rule of law to contend with over the long term.

Liberals and the vast majority of Hispanics want to ignore the law, and create what they like to refer to as “immigration reform” That is simply legalizing the law breaking. “No thanks” to that approach.

There are two categories of immigrants who must be dealt with differently from the rest of the illegal immigrants. These are the “anchor babies” who are born in the United States who have parents who are illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants who have been allowed to fulfill military commitments in the U. S. military. With regard to those who served in the military, these people should be granted temporary permission following their military service to remain in America pending their citizenship process. Nevertheless, there must be a time limit imposed for this process. With regard to “anchor babies” who become citizens by way of their birth in America, their parents should be deported as illegal immigrants unless they have applied for and received temporary permission for just cause to remain in the United States. As for the anchor babies, they remain free to stay in America or return whenever they want.

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