Is America in a state of decline?

America is in a state of decline, and may have reached an irreversible tipping point..

Due to a major shift in cultural dynamics, and significant changes in demographics , America as a society is experiencing an irreversible decline. This decline is both economic and moral in nature.

Let me share by example how responses to violent urban riots have changed since the mid nineteen sixties. In the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles, looters and rioters were shot on the spot. Civil insurrection and looting were not tolerated. In 1992 during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, looters were allowed to freely enter and exit businesses with merchandise, and burn widespread parts of the City to the ground, with no interference from law enforcement. During Hurricane Katrina’s looting in 2005, law enforcement personnel actually participated in the looting. Have the rules of society changed during these years–you bet they have. We are in a state of moral decline, and as a society are not prepared for the social and terrorist unrest and upheavals that will come our way in future years.

In large part these changes result from an increased entitlement/welfare culture that exists in American society. The Anglo-Judeo-Christian ideals that inspired traditional American cultural, political and moral values are on the wane. A liberal, progressive, secular and permissive cultural trend has undermined the central core of these traditional American values. Muslims ,blacks and Hispanics who are groups with higher reproduction rates, will also be an increasing percentage of the overall demographics. The aspirations of the newly minted demographics will influence societal values Issues such as entitlement to gay marriage rights, that will command attention,competing with national debt and expenditure reforms and national security.

While enough Americans with a traditional American sense of values may temporarily arrest this decline, I believe that the current demographic and cultural pattern spells decline for America over the long run.

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