Time is short–the list is long!

A Plentiful array of facts depict the dismal performance of President Obama and facts are a stubborn thing. At what point have we had enough of the failed policies of this president and his administration . The empire is burning for god’s sake. This president is incompetent for the task. America’s debt and expenditures are out of control. The housing market is in dismal shape. Unemployment is unbearable. The Keystone Project must be approved. Obamacare must be repealed. Drilling and oil production in federal lands must be permitted. Regulatory burdens must be abolished. The Bush tax cuts must be continued. The socialist policies that are killing America by a thousand cuts must be ended. We must stand up and end the OPEC domination in the oil market. We must end our support of a corrupt UN. We must end our support of Pakistan and the government of Afghanistan. We must stand up to Russia and China. Under Obama, America has been weakened on the world stage. We must maintain a strong national defense posture. We must support Israel in its efforts to survive the perils of a nuclear Iran. And we must elect a president who has the intelligence, and will to achieve these objectives.

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