Bain, Romney and Capitalism

President Obama demonstrates his profound lack of understanding of
American Capitalism when he criticizes Mitt Romney for his role as the
highly successful CEO at Bain Capital. Bain is a private equity firm
that for many years has invested in companies that are usually
considered by Bain to be undervalued. Bain then sets about to blend the
talents of its own management team with those of the acquired entity
focusing on strengthening the entity’s core competencies, where
necessary reinventing the company by restructuring, and adding new
talent where the need is indicated. Bain undertakes a long term
commitment to these entities with the objective of improving
performance and profitability, growing them,increasing their value and
ultimately selling them for a profit.

Under our traditional Capitalistic system Bain,and Romney both
participate in a virtuous activity by doing what they do and have done.
President Obama shows his frightful ignorance or his disdain for what
is a very fundamental and acceptable capitalist activity.

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