Keeping the Left on track about Romney

This is in response to Richard Munday’s letter titled ” Bain’s priority wasn’t job creation” published in the Monday May 28,2012 edition of the Las Vegas Sun.
For god’s sake, why can’t the Left get it through its head that in the process of being an outstanding businessman that Romney’s success at Bain did lead to job creation. But here are the critical facts that the Left tries to avoid at any cost.

Mitt Romney is an executive running to head up the Executive Branch and he’s highly qualified by excellent experience and demonstrated successes. Romney has the educational depth by way of his degrees at Brigham Young and his joint Law Degree and MBA at Harvard.

He has a deep commitment to his family, and his faith. He has been a success in every endeavor to which he has applied himself. He was a highly successful and respected CEO at Bain where he achieved rare personal financial success as well. He was a success in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah and was a successful governor of Massachusetts from 2002-2006.

It is time to make a change in the White House. The incumbent Obama has a tired and failed array of policies which continue to set America back. Incredible debt, high and stubborn unemployment, the promotion of racial and class division, encumbered regulations which burden our businesses, a healthcare program which is unpopular and ill founded, a weak foreign relations policy which frequently casts the nation in the role of apologizing for who it is, and an anemic energy policy which fails to take advantage of the nation’s massive hydrocarbon resources as the nation is punished by high gas prices. The incumbent president lacks a cohesive vision for the nation and his policies continue to push it further away from its traditional core values of individual accountability, free enterprise, and private solutions to national needs instead of massive central government involvement in the life of the nation.

President Obama and the Left demonstrate their lack of understanding of American capitalism when they criticize Mitt Romney for his role as Bain Capital’s chief.

Bain is a private equity firm that for many years has invested in companies that are quite often considered by Bain to be undervalued. It then blends the talents of its own management team with those of the acquired entity, restructuring and adding new talent.

Bain undertakes a long-term commitment to these entities with the objective of improving performance, increasing their value and ultimately selling them for a profit.

Under our capitalist system, Bain and Romney both participate in a virtuous activity that is and has been highly successful and which is emblematic of Mitt Romney’s incredible overall qualification to lead this nation as its President.

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