America must increase its deterrent strength

We can see it everywhere we look that America has lost or is losing its deterrent strength militarily around the globe. China increases its naval strength, forcing the U.S. Navy’s hand to rebalance its assets in the region. Russia, China and Iran furnish military aid to Syria’s Assad against the protests of America. Iran continues it nuclear development program in spite of U.S. sanctions and military threats, and North Korea continues to face down American opposition to its global nuclear aspirations in the Korean Peninsula. America’s resolve and might are seen as being on the wane around the globe causing a serious chance that confrontations with its enemies are increasing in the face of perceived military weakness.

The Left will respond by saying that America already spends too much on its defense capabilities, that the U.S. must pull in its horns ,exit its wars and stop being the world’s protector. Where the Left’s argument fails is in recognizing the fact that American military strength in global hot spots in reality protects American interests and Americans at home as our enemies’ forays into new global areas increase the threat to all Americans.
In order to correct this situation, America must not only demonstrate its commitment to introducing and deploying the most advanced military weapons, and maintaining its nuclear weapons arsenal,but America must also increase the perception that it will use these weapons where the need arises to protect Americans, American interests and its allies throughout the world.

The present Obama administration is perceived by our opponents as lacking the will to use American military strength to advance U. S. interests globally when the need arises. This is a dangerous situation and increases America’s exposure to devastating consequences.

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