Bain Capital–vulture capitalism?

There has been much recent discussion directed at Bain Capital. Mainly it is leftists on the Obama side of the ideological spectrum who describe Bain as a “vulture capitalist” . The real vultures are the ones who keep picking at Bain Capital.

Bain engages in a legitimate and constructive business. Simply, Bain acquires a business with the objective of increasing its enterprise value. Bain may reinvent the business processes of the firm, install new management, streamline the operations,reorient the firm’s internal steering mechanisms toward current markets and otherwise improve the business. This is difficult and demanding work. It takes great skill, talent and determination. Bain employs the best and brightest people.

Bain makes long term commitments to these businesses. It places it’s mangers and directors on the boards of these companies to ensure the enterprises are successful,and provide to them guidance for success. These are challenging and demanding jobs performed by Bain professionals who earn their pay.

It is interesting that so many of the Bain and Romney antagonists, including the president himself,feels that they are qualified to judge Bain Capital, when they have little, if any, experience in business matters. What these people are engaging in is solely a misadventure in misguided attempted political assassination of a highly respected, successful and legitimate enterprise.

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