America and being an American carries with it unique and very definite
meanings for me.

To my way of thinking there are three principal essential American values. Any actions or behaviors that reinforce and perpetuate adherence to these values amount to
virtuous behavior. To the contrary,those actions and behaviors that tend to
undermine these values are destructive to America and its integrity as a
nation and amount to unvirtuous behavior.

These are the three traditional values to which I refer:

“Liberty”-the freedom to pursue one’s hopes and dreams without undue
interference from one’s government and fellows.

“In God We Trust”-the notion and belief that an Almighty Power is the
foundation and guiding force for the nation.

“E Pluribus Unum”-meaning ” out of the many comes but one”.

Today there is a ferocious political and cultural struggle going on
which centers on both undercutting these values on the one hand and
protecting and perpetuating them on the other.

This is essentially a struggle between the Left who is attempting to undercut these values and those who are devoted to protecting these values. I call the latter
people traditionalists.

Briefly, any action to strip away wealth /property from one person and
redistribute it to another tramples on the liberty of the individual
from whom the wealth/property has been taken. The class warfare
politics that is so prevalent today would be considered unvirtuous .

Next, those actions designed to remove God’s name from the public
square are seen to undermine traditional American values and would be unvirtuous actions. This is the secularism of the Left.

Finally, any action designed to split up or scramble the cultural dynamics of America
would be viewed as unvirtuous. This would be,for example, the notion of multi-culturalism
which is promoted by the Left.

The Left seems determined to challenge and undermine these traditional core
values across the spectrum of our society.

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