Education, poverty and inequality

Education is a tempting theme around which the Liberal Left builds its inevitably futile case to eradicate poverty and inequality. Poverty and inequality are inescapable aspects of society. Not everyone is endowed with the energy and motivation to achieve in life. Because of this, natural inequalities emerge which the liberal Left interprets as injustice. Futhermore, millions “suffer” from cultural deprivation, who end up in poverty, and the Liberal Left reaches out in futility to rescue these folks from their frequently self imposed and self perpetuating condition.

More and more education is the commonly prescribed cure by the Left to remedy this entrenched and natural condition.Some education along the way may help, if there is the motivation to capitalize on its availability. Nevertheless education is not the necessary condition for the cure of poverty or the eradication of inequality as the liberal Left would try to lead us to believe.The real solution to the problem of poverty and inequality,although always with a highly imperfect result, stems from a strong and nurturing family culture from which an individual draws inspiration, hope and a will to succeed. Education is a distant finisher in this race.

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