SCOTUS, the Left and illegal immigration

The recent SCOTUS decision on the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law throws the citizens of that State under the bus.. Clearly the political system implemented by the Founders too often in contemporary crises is not working for the American people. This is a chilling sign that America is floundering. Much of the crisis results from the far left values that are taking root in our midst. These must be weeded out with a vengeance to spare the Republic for Which We Stand.

Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed from the Southern Border and have overwhelmed our healthcare, education and welfare systems. Many are criminals. When entering America, they trespass on and damage property. They drive illegally and fail to obtain insurance,cause accidents, kill and injure innocent Americans and damage property with impunity. The Federal government has breached its obligation to the American people to protect the borders from illegal immigration, and enforce the immigration laws.

With this vast contingent of illegals in America, not only should law enforcement and other government, and voting administration personnel ask for IDs to verify one’s rights to services, and voting privileges, but should also verify their legal status in the Country.

Americans living in Mexico are expected to obey the laws. If they do not they are jailed and the key is thrown away. You had better buy Mexican car insurance when driving in Mexico if you value your freedom and property.

There is no moral equivalence between Americans who live in Mexico under Mexican law and the illegal immigrants who live in America under American law.

The rule of law is vital to America’s core values and its traditional exceptionalism. Let’s protect and perpetuate it by persisting in deportations of illegal immigrants.

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