The individualist and the collective mentality

Giving credit to the individual who intiates the business, applies the effort, has the idea and innovates,invests the financial and sweat capital in making the business a success is what we are getting at here.It is the recognition of the individual that is the critical gesture in this equation.In this respect there are many individuals who have earned this recognition–whether they are a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, or someone who has started a tool business, and made it a success through hard work, use of his or her own risk capital, and succeeded. What is important is championing anyone who starts and makes a business a success through their own effort and engages their own risk capital,sweat and ingenuity in making an enterprise a success. Infrastuctures are in place for everyone to use,but it’s only some individuals who seek to start businesses, who have the ingenuity, and drive to start a business who we are focusing on right now. This is a difficult thing for the collectivist leftist mentality to do. It is therefore difficult for President Obama to do. Obama is the commander in collectivist thought for the left. He cannot focus on the INDIVIDUAL as a hero in this business creating process–only the COLLECTIVE is deserving in his Letist state of mind.

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