Here comes Islamism

This is about an Islamic matter in and around the globe. Maybe a little on the politically incorrect side ,but nonetheless something that needs to be dealt with which is plainly obvious to us all. Parts of the Islamic world are in great disarray, in abject chaos, and our government keeps pandering to them. Look simply to Egypt and Syria for the best clues as to this geopolitical disease. These are the same ilk who have crashed airplanes into our tallest buildings and mass murdered innocent people on our soil. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. If it’s not The Muslim Brotherhood,the purveyors and sympathizers of Islamic radicalism,terror and theocratic despotism, it is the Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR), making headway into our Leftist, and even before that, our not so Leftist, government. These radical leaning- terrorist sympathizing entities hold more and more sway with our politicians, as they dupe them into a slow death walk away from traditional American values, and in the direction of the ways of Islam and the Sharia. And our citizens stand idly by like deeers staring in the headlights. Our citizenry is either too busy to care. Too apathetic to act. Too ignorant to understand, or sympathetic to the direction of this movement. In any event, deep societal trouble awaits us in the future up ahead.

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