Guns and violence

There has been a great deal of discussion on gun controls again in the wake of the Colorado theater massacre.

The fact is that most of society will remain sitting ducks in these rampages. America from inception has been a violent society. This fact is detested by the Left which believes that strict gun controls should be implemented. My expectation is that things will not change much. America’s heritage is one of individuals using guns to protect themselves, and hunt. Just like in the Wild West days, there will always be the “bad guys” who will raise havoc and kill. Now the entertainment industry has invented ways through video games to heighten the role playing creativity of young and not so young to practice their killing talents. Violence is an unfortunate aspect of our lives. It is evident in all corners of the world. Living with it has always been difficult,but a necessity in life. At least America is up front about the reality of this condition in the Second Amendment right to bare arms. A well armed America is a safer place ultimately. While there will always be opportunities for bad and crazy people to access guns, there must be a parallel ability for the decent citizens in America to acquire adequate technology in guns to use for their own protection.

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