Islamic infiltration

U.S. Representative Michele Bauchmann has been accused by the left of using wrongful and unfair tactics on Hilary Clinton’s long time aid Huma Abedine suggesting she has ties to terrorist groups, basically the Muslim Brotherhood.

Congresswoman Bauchmann’s allegations regarding high level federal government ties to radical Islam means that the thrust of her concerns are certainly in the right direction. Our federal government under president Obama, has been bowing down where Islamic interests are concerned and yielding to these interests. A serious and dangerous trend is therefore unfolding to be sure.

Giant strides are being made by the purveyors of Islamic values and beliefs to infiltrate and influence both U.S. government policy and American cultural values . There is a great danger to America’s freedoms, values and laws that will be impacted by those possessing ties to radical Islamic interests. Specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American Islamic Relations(CAIR) are two organizations that are infiltrating and gaining influence at the highest levels of American government.

Bauchmann has good reason to be concerned as should all of us. These same organizations have different faces as we are learning–they have ties to terrorist interests as well as political faces here in this country who act as interfaces in representing Islamic interests at the highest levels of America’s government. These Islamic organizations are cunning,patient and very sophisticated. They are adept at using the American legal and political systems to leverage their unrelenting campaign to elevate Islamic interests, Sharia law and customs. Their plan is to inculcate these values into American society, where they will undermine American traditions,values and laws.

Make no mistake, these people have one long term goal in mind and it is for Sharia Law to rule American society.

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