Who built that?

President Obama chooses to celebrate the collectiveness of achievements, paying mere lip service to the individuals who create the business, and invest their risk capital, and life’s energy to the business. He exclaims, ” You didn’t build that, someone else did”. Instread Obama credits the infrastructure that is place or some teacher that came along in one’s life, for these accomplishments.

In the front of most books there is an “acknowledgements” section where the author gives credit to those who have contributed to his work.

Such recognitions are common. This does not mean that a collective wrote the book, only that others played a supporting role in the endeavor. The one who collects the royalty check is indicative of the credit for the literary achievement which is enjoyed by the reader.It is the talent of the individual writer and his hard work, and persistence that we celebrate when we pay for and enjoy the book. As a collectivist one imagines that the work’s product is the creation of many. The one who collects the royalty check is the one who is the gifted individual who is recognized by the publisher for the work. Do we celebrate Monet or Cezanne, or those who produce the canvases on which their talents are reflected?

There is a clear comparison here between the writer and the painter and the creator of a business. Often when a business is sold, the owner contracts to join the acquiring company in recognition of that individual’s unique founder’s value to the business. When a business is started the bank evaluates the character, capital and capacity of the individual creator of the business, along with his business plan. The individual is the center of focus by the venture capitalist, and if not it is the idea that has the value,which also belongs to the individual. It is patent law’s purpose to protect the individual who invented the article of manufacture, or the process involved. No matter what we continue to return to a celebration of the ability, efforts and hard work of some individual with unique motivation and talent who is willing to commit his life’s energy to an endeavor, and can be differentiated from the collective for his contribution to society.

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