Let’s get priorities straight on intentional violence

In 2011 there were reported to be nationally about 8,600 firearm murders. A number of them were committed in highly liberal strongholds like Chicago where there are gun controls. Gun controls are not the answer to the intentional infliction of harm in America. It is even questioned whether the Left who clamors for more gun controls is even focused on the greatest tragedy in America involving the intentional infliction of death by human will. In Roe vs Wade may be found a profound and lethal death trap to which left wing America steadfastly clings in the name of a woman’s “choice”. Between 2009-2011 the average estimated annual number of abortions in the U.S. amounted to a staggering 1,212,000. Planned Parenthood accounts for about 300,000 of these abortions every year.
Before the liberals start to focus on the creation a of a gun free Utopia, they might take a look at the mass killings by abortion in America that are intentionally inflicted in the name of “choice”. Where does the real ugliness and brutality rest in America’s culture!

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