Executive fiat threatens Second Amendment rights

In case it has gone unnoticed, Left wing zealots, including the Obama White House are rushing to enact more gun controls in the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting tragedy. There are even threats from Vice President Biden that the President will use Executive Orders to impose tougher gun controls in an attempt to redefine individual rights under the Second Amendment . This “outside the Congressional legislative box” action to clamp down on gun rights would be another attempt by Obama to circumvent the legislative powers of Congress and must be blocked by our elected representatives. If Obama attempts this strong arm “Chicago style” tactic, his impeachment must be advocated and pursued by the House. Obama has shown his propensity for excessively using his executive order powers in recent history, and has been walking on thin ice by these actions.

Two circumstances exist which threaten our Second Amendment rights. First is the deluge of proposed anti gun legislation emanating from a multiplicity of jurisdictions which play to the Newtown tragedy which has incited the liberal left to overplay its hand on a number of fronts simultaneously. Second is the mainstream attention of Congress to come to grips with the spending and debt matters which are presently commanding the attention of most elected representatives in DC at the moment.

For these reasons the timing gives an edge to the left if there is not an outpouring of sentiment directed toward Washington to offset the Left’s massive barrage of anti-gun efforts

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