Clinton’s incorrigible Congressional testimony

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony before the House and Senate, and which was televised to the American people, was a shameful display of her arrogance.
Clinton testified that Ambassador Susan Rice had been the one to go on five Sunday talk shows in the wake of the four murders(including that of the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens) because Mrs. Clinton had better things to do on Sunday mornings. The fact that Clinton’s real motive was to avoid the twisted and false talking points offered by the Obama administration to explain the cause of the murders was not mentioned. Clinton simply did not want her career stained by the misleading statements that had been devised by the Obama administration for release to the public. Susan Rice instead was the sacrificial lamb for the administration. As a consequence Rice’s reputation has been badly tarnished and her ambitions for a career in government put on hold.
In another display of both her arrogance and disdain for the Congressional panel, Clinton shamelessly proclaimed ” what difference does it make how they were killed”(referring to the four murdered Americans) when a key purpose of the hearing was to determine just that–why they had been placed in harm’s way and been killed. Clinton’s arrogance did not go unnoticed, and at some point(e.g. if she decides to become a candidate for President in 2016) she will have to deal with her incorrigible testimony and shameful incompetence in this tragedy.

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