Isreali strategy toward Iran

With regard to Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon, both the Obama administration and Israeli leadership have stated adamantly that Iran’s acquisition of such a weapon’s capability is not an option. The most broadly discussed scenario is one in which Israeli military assets are used in a large direct assault against Iran’s nuclear facilities and military installations. Notwithstanding this conventional thinking, it seems more likely that another strategy may be more effective and less horrific in the long run. Such a strategy would involve dealing the Iran nuclear initiative with “death by a thousand cuts” through a long term series of stealth-like attacks, assassinations and cyber wars. As a matter of fact, attacks of this type are already in progress, as publicized, and the cumulative effect of such well timed strikes have in the past and can in the future produce incremental and serious delay consequences for the Iran nuclear program. The long term effect of such a strategy would be to consistently set back Iran’s launch date for a viable nuclear weapon capability,and thereby the drama and drastic consequences of an all out war in the Middle East while the sanctions continue to grind away.

The existing threats to the peaceful existence of the Israeli people and their nation may have never been greater than at present. Surrounded by enemies and rebellions everywhere, Israel will be forced to tread with care,cunning and intelligence at all times in pursuing their self interests and preservation in today’s geopolitical environment

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