Islamic Jihad’s long term threat

More than at any time in recent history Israel has emerged into an existential threat environment that confronts its entire population and nation. The hub of the threat stems from Iran which supplies and supports its surrogates Hamas in Gaza, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon. This array of enemies is supplemented by a faltering regime in Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood for now, a regime which is planted in shaky political ground where massive protests are now underway against the Brotherhood’s excessive authoritarianism.

Iran is Israel’s arch enemy which stalks the Middle East with impunity, except for international sanctions which fail to curb the Iranian threat from its burgeoning nuclear weapons program, and the incessant support and mischief it generates through its ever expanding terrorist tentacles which are growing without any challenge of substance throughout the entire region.

In order to bring Iran to its knees, and end the expanding threat of this terrorist nation’s ambitions will require the realism of an anticipated overwhelming defeat at the hands of Israel and a cohesive coalition anchored by American military might. The U.S. must gear its political psyche to a generation of asymmetrical terrorist threats from global Islamic elements.

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