POTUS drives America to new depths

President Obama’s SOTU address was another reason for serious concern about the direction in which America is headed. This Oval Office version of an elitist pied piper demonstrated his penchant for taking the nation closer to the cliff assuming the American public is distracted and gullible enough to move in the direction he is leading. The nation continues to sink in debt and underemployment,with new threats facing it around the globe as this carnival master POTUS spins out his fool’s rhetoric about global warming, cap and trade, more green energy, a higher minimum wage, gun controls and mandatory pre school. Every policy button he pushes drives America closer to its knees and will bury it in deeper trouble than before. The President’s speech was a genuflect to the far left base of the party–a -place where the POTUS finds his greatest ease and comfort. Glib words pass through his lips, as a majority of Americans are in a trance,lulled by his oratory style–spewing out false promises and empty hopes for the future. Only hours later he jets off to Florida for a multi million dollar luxury vacation largely at tax payer expense for what is an expensive golf trip–as he thumbs his nose at a struggling America who cannot afford to pay its bills.

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