Emerging national security crisis

Regardless of sanctions against Iran, the terrorist nation continues to march toward nuclear weapons at an escalating pace. The civilized global community knows this, as well as the final outcome,but lacks the will to stop the advance. North Korea also is advancing toward both nuclear weapons, and delivery systems that will reach America, and even releases videos which display a nuclear carnage in the U.S. showing NY City and American leaders in flames from the delivery of atomic weapons to American soil.

These threats are accompanied by the POTUS policy to unilaterally reduce America’s nuclear stock pile by one third at a time when deterrent strength is urgently required. The POTUS policy reflects a lack of common sense and conveys an image of U.S. weakness. At the same time the American government is engaged in threats of massive defense cuts as the result of the President’s sequestration cliff. All this while Russian bombers with nuclear arsenals circle over Guam challenging and taunting the U.S. with a renewed Russian aggressiveness toward America. The fact is that the U.S. is quickly declining in its offensive and defensive capacity under the current POTUS, while our electorate has tuned out,allowing increasing national defense weakness promoted by a purposely inept Commander-in-Chief and his administration. The U.S. under these inane policies can expect to be challenged and bullied around the globe, and even in our own back yard. Far left koolaid drinkers with anti war ambitions rooted in 1960’s anti war communist inspired protests are again at the heart of the POTUS’s national security policies, which are in fact decimating America’s global strength and ability for self defense.

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