Obama’s war on America

The POTUS continues to commit fraud on the American public with regard to the impact of the sequester cuts. With cunning and malice President Obama attempts to engage in egregious fear tactics as he threatens the masses with the most outrageous outcomes should the sequester cliff threshold be exceeded this week The POTUS has targeted countless sensitive services for shutdown, rendering America helpless and vulnerable from border patrol agents to critical national defense assets which protect America’s vital national security interests to fundamental healthcare services to air controllers to release of illegal aliens from prisons. Millions of unthinking Americans listen to and accept Obama’s threats without even a question of his loyalty and failed leadership. The POTUS is setting about to politicize and undermine the fundamental interests of the nation which is counting on him to lead and avoid harms way, as he parades all of America into the gates of incalculable harm.

Behind all these frauds is the sinister motive of further increases in the unsustainable and crippling U.S. debt and more tax increases paid for by millions of Americans, including the middle class. This despicable tactic is emblematic of the cunning and destructive behavior of a demagogue who is caught up in his senseless and fundamentally flawed ideology regardless of the consequences and harm it causes to the nation of which he is Commander-in-Chief.

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