Justice Department abuse of power in 2012 protest rally in Sanford, Florida.

In March 2012 a unit of the DOJ, under AG Eric Holder, organized and managed at taxpayer expense a demonstration rally in Sanford,Florida,for the purpose of agitating for the arrest of George Zimmerman in connection with the shooting death of Travon Martin, a 17 year old African-American, resulting from a struggle between the two of them. Zimmerman survived the struggle and was later tried in 2013 for 2nd- Degree Murder and Manslaughter. He was found by a jury of his peers to be “not guilty”.

This 2012 protest rally’s organization and management by the Community Relations Service unit of the DOJ was a blatant abuse of power by our federal government. Taxpayer funds were diverted to this racially biased protest rally in Sanford, Florida, which successfully turned public sentiments against Zimmerman and police chief,Bill Lee, who was subsequently fired for correctly refusing to arrest Zimmerman under Florida law.

This act by Holder’s DOJ was an unabashed abuse of power. In addition, it would be naive to draw any conclusion other than that President Obama was complicit in this abuse, and that Holder should be fired and tried for such abuse, and for the illegal diversion of public funds expended for DOJ to organize and manage this protest rally.

President Obama should be impeached . Even if impeached, however, the Democratic controlled Senate would never convict Obama. Senate Democrats would be clearly expected to allow the power abusing Obama to remain in office. Apathetic citizens are ultimately responsible for their own neglect in permitting these abuses to continue.

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