High level conflicts of interest on racial matters in the Federal Goverment

President Obama and AG Eric Holder have the duty to represent the interests of all of Americas in interracial matters,but so far these two have shown a favorable bias to only African -Americans. This the two seem compelled to do, as on repeated occasions Obama and Holder have given voice only to the African-American side in an interracial dispute.

Examples are Obama’s “Beer Summit”,following his comment that the Cambridge,MA,police had “acted stupidly” in arresting an African-American Harvard professor by the name of Gates,when Gates ,upon returning home from a trip,appeared to be breaking into what ended up being his own house. But the white officer at the scene did not know it was Gates’ house, and from all appearances Gates continued breaking into the house. Gates was uncooperative when the police officer questioned him. Gates was arrested and the incident became a national issue. Obama ultimately referred to the incident as a “teachable moment”,holding a beer summit between all three men at the White House. Clearly Obama had allowed his own racial bias to enter into the matter and was attempting clearly to smooth the matter over.

Again in the Howard Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, AG Eric Holder’s Justice Department,through one of its units,organized and managed a protest rally in Sanford,Fla using taxpayer dollars to support African-America victim Trayvon Martin,for the purpose of securing the arrest of Zimmerman, a non African-American, although after the Sanford Police Chief,Bill Lee.had decided under Florida law that Zimmerman was not even required to be arrested. Even so,as a result of the DOJ funded protest rally,Zimmerman was arrested,and Chief Lee was fired. Clearly a case of inappropriate racial intervention sponsored and initiated by Holder’s Justice Department.

Then Obama, in the course of the Zimmerman-Martin legal deliberations, went on national TV and informed the Nation that Trayvon Martin could just as well been Obama’s own son. A totally inappropriate intervention by the President,designed to raise racial passions and show sympathy for Martin and the African American community.

Finally AG Holder informed in a speech to NAACP that he,Holder,had taken the time to sit down with his son to educate him on the prejudicial treatment his son as an African-American could expect in this country.

Individually,if acting clearly outside the scope of their government jobs, Obama and Holder had acted on the things as mentioned, it would not have been a problem. Nonetheless, both of them were at the time of these actions were acting officially in their government positions as President and Attorney General. For this reason,both men failed in their duty to show racial impartiality,and should have recused themselves entirely in each matter, since each man clearly possessed a conflict of interest involving his own racial bias.

It is unfortunate that top government officials serving in these positions either cannot because of their own extreme bias or because of their need to rally their own political bases unjustly,or even illegally,intervene in such potentially incendiary cases.

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