America can be much better!

Why all the liberal negativity about Republicans anyway?After all Republicans go to school, get good educations, get married, have children,work hard,pay taxes, contribute their time to making their neighborhoods and communities better places, believe in self reliance,personal accountability,love traditional American values of liberty,freedom, constitutional government,the rule of law, American
sovereignty, American exceptionalism, strong national defense, smaller government, local rule, low taxes, free enterprise, Judeo-Christian ethics, and serve in the military protecting other Americans and the American way of life. Only a fool would find these traits to be a problem.

The fortunes of politics swing back and forth. For example, the House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans. America has already made that decision. Next the Senate and the White House will be decided. One thing is for certain. America is off track with crushing debt, large deficits, waste of taxpayer money on crony “green energy” give-aways, appalling underemployment, stagnant income, devastating welfare costs with masses dependent on the government for aid, low GDP growth, an unwieldy out- of- control Executive Branch riddled with scandals, corruption and unaccountability throughout.

It’s just possible that Americans will tire of all this and seek change. Let’s hope so.Let’s hope it will be soon!

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