Obama’s Syrian poison gas fiasco

There are no assurances where the Syrian chemical weapon scenario is headed. The final outcome will likely be extremey messy.

Unexpected and murky conditions will linger in the foggy aftermath of Putin’s and Assad’s improbable scheme to pacify Obama’s vacillating demands on Syria. None of his demands are truly clear to Americans or America’s allies, and none of them are likely to materialize.

The Democrats have deluded themselves into concluding that Obama has brilliantly forced Putin and Assad into the exact corner he wanted them,and their conclusion is incredibly unrealistic. In reality, Obama and his administration are reeling from the unintended consequences of the incoherent policy that is unfolding.

In the end, the final chemical weapon disposal process,including the exact locations of such chemicals, will remain a permanent mystery.The same as the mystery that surrounded Saddam Hussein’s “missing” chemicals used on Iraq’s Kurdish population,and the Iranians. Where did this poison gas ever go anyway,we all wonder?

Assad most likely will survive in power (not the worst outcome possible), and America’s national security interests will be compromised to an even greater extent.

Obama, meanwhile, for all his oratorical crowing,has shown once again that he is too inexperienced and indecisive to lead. He is deeply in over his head in resolving complex Middle East crises,and is no match for the two brutal “street smart” dictators Putin and Assad. The latter two have much keener road maps to the Middle East’s lethal military and political players in the region.

Obama must regain the confidence of America’s only true ally in the region–Israel. America and Israel clearly need each other right now. If only Obama would drop his appetite for arrogance and Islamic appeasement. But, what is the likelihood of that happening I wonder?

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