Obama’s nearing train wreck will destroy the middle class–America needs to wake up!

Who in their right mind actually believes that House Republicans want to shut down the government? To the contrary, there are a growing number of Americans who have finally reached their tipping points as they realize that America is on the road to fiscal suicide.The Affordable Care Act is a major part of the fiscal crisis that is worrying Americans grown tired of years of irresponsible spending and personal financial losses.

Blocking the insanity of the Affordable Care Act, born in a politically overbearing and irresponsible Democratic Party controlled government, gone recklessly mad, and in spite of the outrage and protests by the majority of all Americans, is well deserving of the strong political push back we now are witnessing in the House.

Let’s not forget this national fiasco in health care legislation was something that no one in Congress had ever read before it was voted on and implemented. How outrageous does it get anyway? That’s the outcome America got from its vaunted representative government; a governing body which has now lost much of its credibility and confidence with the American people.

Now the unintended, and undermining consequences of this Titanic nightmare of healthcare legislation is forcing employers to lay off their people, cut back on employee work hours so employers can avoid the crushing effects of Obamacare’s cost burdens, and forcing employees off their previous employer furnished health care insurance, which also covered their families. The defective incentives ingrained in the poorly thought out ACA legislation is to blame for this debacle.

In addition, this arrogant and reckless president has the nerve to stand up in front of the American people and blame the House Republicans for threatening the well being of America’s middle class.

All the while it is Obama who systematically destroys the middle class, while pointing his accusing finger at Republicans who are trying to prevent the train wreck he orchestrated by his reckless ACA legislation.

President Obama and his elitist liberal administration, and manipulating connivers, are well on the path to further sinking the middle class, plunging it into an economic black hole of government dependence, all the while using phony government largess that in the end will run out

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