Conservative values, internal Republican struggles, and the ascent of Ben Carson

There is a leadership vacuum today in the GOP. Also, more recently, a strong conservative dimension has emerged in the GOP, creating an ideological rift in the Party.

I have been a Republican voter since 1962 ( age 21),but was a Republican in values even in my early teens,as far back as I can remember. The Democratic Party is also a leadership wasteland today for that matter.The really great Democrats are also gone. Why is this so? I can only make a judgement. Politics today is mainly about power and money. Unfortunately, leadership is not the primary focus.The rise of the 4th Branch of government,the” Lobby”, has undermined an emphasis on leadership,and on the classic focus and roles of the Congress and Executive branches.

Dr. Ben Carson,a new Republican voice, makes a strong point in his book : “America the Beautiful” of describing the way in which this new Fourth Pillar ( the Lobby) has diluted and corrupted the strength of the structure of government as envisioned by the Founders. Carson even states that if the Founders were to return today that the first they would do is convene a Convention solely for the purpose of disposing of the Lobby. Carson in my opinion is the “outside- the- Beltway” type of leader that the Republicans need to help renew the decent values,and a leadership quality that is so obviously absent in their ranks.

The ascent of the Conservative movement in the GOP ,I venture to conjecture,is a response to what many Republicans see as (1) a failure of the present GOP members to demonstrate a forceful commitment to traditional GOP values–small government, local power, fiscal responsibility,individual accountability,and so on. and (2) a very clear shift to the left in the Democratic Party which the main GOP contingent has not shown a strong enough will and effectiveness to challenge and thwart.

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