Republicans have a responsibility to stand up for their own values and oppose those that undermine individual rights and liberties

This is in response to Debbie Starr’s letter to the editor title The GOP and the Presidential Race, published in the Las Vegas Sun June 4,2013.

Ms Starr is either intentionally bashing the Republicans for her own ideological reasons or is blind to the very contrasting values of the two parties.

For the Republicans to lay down and allow the liberal Obama train to run amok would be totally illogical. The Republicans are of course going to protect and advance the fundamental values of smaller and less intrusive government,individual freedoms and liberties,free enterprise,lower taxes,strong national security/ defense, American exceptionalism, constitutional guarantees,and belief in the Judeo-Christian values on which America was founded.

These values contrast sharply with the liberal- progressive-secular values of the Obama administration. The two sides are as different as night and day. Ms Starr is oblivious to the fact that roughly half of all Americans still believe in these traditional Republican core values and are willing to fight to protect them in the political arena. We are also forced as a nation to come to grips, whether a Democrat or a Republican, that this administration is seen more everyday to trample on and intimidate anyone who thinks differently, and to use the government illegally as a tool for advancing the ideological and political agenda of the administration. Further,this administration is seen more and more to place its ideological and political agenda ahead of the security and lives of the American people.

When this outrageous behavior is coupled with the obvious failure of top government officials to assign and accept accountability for their actions,and are approaching the state of a tyrannical regime, then these propensities must be stopped cold in their tracks by all Americans. To defend this intolerable rot in our government is only to sustain it.

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