The grim war against the Affordable Care Act

Have you been watching Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s gutsy stand in the U.S. Senate Chamber attacking the ill conceived and highly unpopular Affordable Care Act. Last night Cruz had already logged in 10 hours of floor debate against the insane Titanic like legislation which impacts no less that one sixth of the entire U.S. economy–and no one in the Democratic controlled House or the Senate had even read the massive law before it was voted on and implemented.

What’s even more damning than the fact this legislation was ever enacted, over the outraged protests of the majority of Americans, is the fact the Democrats now are blindly and mindlessly supporting and defending this tragic legislation even though its unintended consequences are seriously harming middle class hard working Americans as employers are taking advantage of flawed incentives negligently ingrained in the ACA. In order to avoid the hefty new cost burdens imposed by the Law, employers are legally cutting back employee work hours to under 30 hours a week, while also laying off workers, and terminating existing employee health insurance which also covered their families in many cases.

Instead employees are being forced out into the complex and confused world of the “insurance exchanges’, which are unprepared to address their needs. The results are so frightening that it’s almost criminal.

The Republican House,listening to the voices of the majority of Americans, has courageously voted to defund the ACA, while at the same rime keeping the activities of the rest of the government fully operating.

The focus now shifts to the Senate where middle class interests will be blatantly and maliciously submerged by Senate leader Harry Reid in the interests of advancing a ruinous Democratic political agenda. that is rampant in DC,and is seriously damaging middle class America in particular.

The heroic efforts of Senator Ted Cruz to shine the spotlight on Reid’s and the Democrats’ crude and egregious efforts to advance the blatantly unpopular ACA, that was passed by the Democrats in secret meetings in the dark corners of Capitol Hill, without ever reading this legislative debacle and nightmare, is not going unnoticed.

In the end,the battle at the Democratically controlled Senate will be lost by Cruz and his courageous supporters,and the ACA will be funded, but not before a gallant uprising led by Senator Ted Cruz which supports the will of the American People has made its impression on America,and given hope to everyone who opposes the tyrannical whims of the Democratic Party,and the likes of Reid, Pelosi and Obama,who are the greatest nightmares of America and the hurting middle class.

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