In the Kenyan mall, was it “Work place violence” or “radical Islamic slaughter”?

The atrocity at the Kenyan mall massacre just gets more grisly and despicable everyday as more facts emerge. Stories of torture and mutilations, and children with knives in them found in refrigerators, are being reported. This is the savagery that the world faces. The question hangs in the air “what is being done to counter these atrocities?”

Do you call this an act of “violent extremism” as Obama’s Muslim inner circle of advisors refers to it, as a brand of false “political correctness,” or dare we call this truthfully by its real name which is the savage work of radical Islam which has become the plague of the globe.

This may just be the beginning of a new frightening age of radical Islamic terror for which America clumsily searches for answers. These savages,driven by their radical,murderous and intolerant religious ideology appear to be just getting started. The odds are high that more of this will be arriving at a mall or shopping center nearer and nearer to you.

And will our Islamic appeasing liberal leadership in the White House, call these atrocities by their real name, or will these gruesome,barbarous and horrific acts be identified as “work place violence” or “violent extremism”?

Most of us are tired and disgusted of Obama condemning these acts and promising that the perpetrators will be “brought to justice” and then nothing is ever done, other than issuing FBI arrest warrants.

Have we ever seen anyone arrested and bought to justice for the Benghazi slaughters? Hell no, even though Obama promised as much. Benghazi was our worst nightmare for despicable and cowardly inaction, and for coldly intentional neglect by our Commander in Chief, Obama, our State Department Secretary,Hillary Clinton and Def Sec, Leon Panetta. Murder with impunity is the only result that the weak and unaccountable Obama administration appears willing or capable of delivering to America in the Benghazi fiasco.

The binge of radical Islamic slaughters continue in the name of “Allah Akbar” and nothing is done by the hapless Obama administration, other than issuing State Department warnings of caution to American citizens traveling abroad.

It is obvious that the issuing of warnings and FBI arrest warrants have become the only Obama administration policy for national and international security and for anti terrorism. In the end, Obama bows toward the mosque for his guidance. Americans must never forget this fact!

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